In 1970, Tongya announced the first coin-operated payphone in Taiwan . So far, over 300,000 sets of various
models from Tongya have been globally installed and perfectly operating.

In 1990, Tongya diversified into IC Card payphone and IC Card manufacturing. 

In 2000, orienting system integration, we started designing, manufacturing, and installing over
1,000 sets of Kiosk and ATM in Taiwan .

In 2002, penetrating into internet business, we launched internet access devices like VoIP phone and VoIP

In 2002, both 15 inch rdquo; and 17 inch rdquo; TFT-LCD monitor were successfully launched with the focuses on touch-screen and customer-designed open frame.

To expand Tongya production line in the Kiosk field, Tongya launched Metal Keyboard, Metal Mouse and Metal Track
Ball in the year 2003.
At the same year, Tongya also developed customized color with fashion appearance TYW-251 Coin Payphone.

In 2005, VoIP Payphone and WiFi Pay Terminal are coming out to meet worldwide customers' expectation.